Leave It To The Cat

Ok folks, it’s B I G sketchbook time!

I’ve been running around with these itty-bitties all over the place for sketch outings, and I need a CHANGE OF SCENERY. Now, for travel or schlepping around the city or suburbs, believe me, a smaller sketchbook is your best bet–And I’ve tried hauling the big mamas. Not worth the lug–so, I am definitely not knocking the pocket journal. In fact, far from it: a good mid-sizer is probably still my favorite go-to.

However, maybe it’s the summer evening light. Maybe it’s my eyes. Maybe I’m just so tired and I need the extra physical space to even be able to draw something intelligible. Whatever the reason, I got an itching for a larger format after doing several sketches in my Strathmore 400 series mid-size sketchbook. Love the toned paper, but not the limitations. It always tends to feel like I’m drawing in a letter-box film: you might be able to fit in more, but darned if you have a hard time drawing what’s even there in the first place since you have to make it so microscopic.

And lo, Jerry’s Artorama to the rescue. Thanks, Jer. You’re the best.