Dark Field Part Deux

Oh, dark field monotype*, you are sexy and a bit elusive, which makes you even sexier.

Squirrelly as it can be to work with, I think I might fall in-love with you yet.

It may be just the medicine this gal needs: a drawing technique that is different, somewhat finicky, not very forgiving, and does not lend itself well to detail.

I think all art-makers can easily find themselves wound up details, and–as the saying goes–the devil is in them. I know I am guilty of being too detail-oriented, I try to break myself of it, I’ve tried to break students of it, and I can tell you it’s probably the toughest thing to learn about art: that less is more and often times less is much better.

This time around I kept it smaller and simpler, taking a cue (yet again!) from the impressionists and going with the classic “Bather-inspired” theme. I’m thinking I may make it a series, at this point. At least, it will keep me from having to come up with a new concept each time.


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