Neon Hazy Days

I don’t think there are enough colors in the world to properly portray how oppressively hot it was today. Even an ocean of neon pigment would not be able to illustrate the fuggy, muggy, unseasonably sweltering haze that seems to have taken up a semi-permanent residence in our neighborhood. Not even a whiff of a breeze was in sight this morning as my son and I took our daily stroll around the block—the hills seemed that much hillier, and the shadeless patches that much more relentlessly fiery.

Neocolor crayons on Strathmore 400 series tinted

Unfortunately I believe the heat wave that is currently crossing the US is still marching steadily and very very slowly onward with not an immediate end in sight, at least according to my weather app (which doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind about the weather anyways, so go figure).

For now, it looks like I will remain hunkered down in the glorious breeze of the AC until further notice.


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